Get rid of the paperwork and spreadsheets floating around your office and Turn into beautiful online people database with employee profiles.


ONE intuitive HR system

Staffmaster has created a seamless design that looks beautiful on any device to help you get the job done – no matter where you are.

With absolutely nothing to install and a simple setup process, Staffmaster is your online HR manager.

Our solution is ready for your global and mobile workforce with multi-company and multi-locations.

Uploading family and members photo. To get started you can import data from a comma-separated value (.csv) file. With ChurchCRM you can keep track of talent and the willingness of volunteers for specific tasks.

All this and more includes comprehensive support to facilitate a successful ChurchCRM deployment.

Employee Data

A centralised,  system of record for your employee data

Custom Permission

Give right role & permission to access to the data they need


Post and share announcements to everyone in the company

Custom Profile

Make customised employee profiles that the company needs