Rhino Mail

Our own bulk emailing sending system. Stability for a fine deployed system running and handling the mail sending without clogging up the rest of your infrastructure and resources including the IT guys where and when needed. 


Rhino Mail – Bulk email sending

This is our own bulk emailing sending system, why you may ask? You right there are a few systems out there that are ready out the gate that you can use and scale, this is true however does it integrate within the rest of your stack? Can you automatically add users / have users update their details directly in the CRM? Is it maintained and updated when you invoice new clients? Chances are you would have said yes sure they do however I spend a few hours every month doing it manually, well that is why it is great to use your own system, it will be faster, it can be automated and integrated into your stack. Chances are it will be a dam lot cheaper also. 

Drag and drop template design easy to use campaign builder

Unlimited emails – dependant on your package

SMTP – send bulk emails through your own domain/email

We assist with setting up your domain with SFP and domain validation for better deliverability overall.


 Bulk email sending

  • We know the software, can integrate it into any system and customize it for you as you need. 
  • We understand your needs and the importance of uptime and support
  • We can train you to use the software
  • We offer efficient and knowledgable support 

Choose your own MTA – mail transfer agent or we can assist with a custom one

  • Some protocols we use include:
    • AWS – amazon
    • Mailgun
    • PHP send email